Homebrew Temperature Monitor/Controller

Latest News

Version 2 of the controller is done. It's smaller, better, faster, cheaper, and easier than the original.

The new controller is based on the Arduino board, which can be picked up for about $30. In another cost saving move, I am now using the probes from the Maverick ET-73 temperature sensor. These are simple thermisters and all the trouble of dealing with thermocouples is gone.

A wireless internet option is also available for the controller. You can connect to the controller with your web browser to get information as well as change settings.

I just put this site up real quick - there will be more information soon.

The old version of the controller can still be found here.

Forum Discussion

There is a very long but very informative thread on The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board web site that talks about other things people are doing with this controller. It is a long read, but I highly suggest checking it out here.


The hardware is very small, easy to work with, and modular. The Arduino has a concept of "shields" or stackable modules that fit one on top of the other. I bought an off the shelf Arduino USB board from SparkFun:

Added a wireless ethernet shield from AsyncLabs on to that:

And build my circuit on an Arduino proto-board:

Plug them all together and you get the final system:

Parts List

The bare minimum would be the arduino, parts from the schematic, probes, and a blower. You could probably build it for around $50 if you already have the probes. However, the LCD display is practically a requirement, especially if you don't ad the WiShield ethernet shield. There's actually a schematic this time - and it is quite simple:

Source code for the sketch (it is still rough, but it will get you going) is located here.

Feel free to contact me at bbqcontroller@gmail.com I will keep up as best as I can, at least until all the spammers get the address.